Thursday, November 27, 2008

God Wants You to know HE loves you

I love God and I seek God Almighty to be the center of my life. While praying this morning I asked God what ought I do for my fellow man. He said pray for people. So I am going to pray for others. Do you need a prayer partner? I would love to partner with you in prayer.

Please use the comment section below this post to affirm, ask, seek, and reach out. You may also email me with specific prayer request that you may not want to make public by going to my profile and clicking my email link. I will answer all emails and comments.

I believe prayer can be a part of healing. I would consider it an honor to pray for anyone who needs healing. There have been studies done that prove prayer does seem to have an influence in healing. God loves us all and He sent His son Jesus to save us from ourselves. Even if you don't believe give it a try and ask so that you might receive and please allow me to join you in asking.

I partner with many others in prayer both online, in my local community, thru out the USA an internationally. I am an experienced prayer warrior.

God has been very good to me and I know He loves me so much. I am very grateful for all He has done for me. I want to give what has been freely given to me.Feel the love.

A donation is not necessary but if you feel you can offer some support I would be very thankful for the help.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Laser Interferometer Space Antenna

Because this is the LisFrequency it seems appropiate to add a link and some info on NASA's LISA project.

All my life I have wondered about such things as the origins of the universe.

Questions such as this is what lead to development of The Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) it is the first dedicated space-based gravitational wave observatory.

LISA will be studying gravitational waves, ripples in space time,
death spirals of stars and, echos from the early universe.

t's pretty interesting research and could find the answers to the many questions we have about how the universe began.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Simple Self Care

We all are concerned about our changing times. There is change going on that makes us feel stressed. A massage would be great to help ease the stress of it all. What if a good massage is not in your budget? Is there something you can do anyway that will help ease the stress?

How about learning what you can do for yourself.

I always tell people living with me if you are looking for a cooking ingredient and can't find it in the kitchen look in the bath room. I mix all kinds of formulas for my skin in my bathroom.

Two ingredients that I cannot do with out are olive oil and apple cider vinegar .

I both eat them and use them on my skin. A theory I have about my skin is that if I can't safely eat it it should not be on my skin.

I add about half a cup apple cider to my bath or use a non breakable cup to mix water with half cup of ACV to splash on my face and body while showering and then put olive oil on my skin before drying off. It makes my skin feel so good. ACV helps to restore the skin's acid balance.

I also like taking milk baths. I pour a cup of milk in my bath water. I have also used heavy cream and have found it is very good. Both will soften the skin.

I also like to mix sea salt and olive oil in a non breakable cup and use it it scrub away dry skin while showering. You want to make sure that you have non slip grips in your tub and shower stall before using olive oil or any oil to bate with because it is so slippery.

Just giving yourself a little bath vacation will do so much to relieve stress. When we do things like this for ourselves it affirms our self worth we need to have self worth in times such as these because it will help us to carry on and face the times ahead.

The better you feel about yourself the more you can reflect your spirit to others. Be kind to yourself think good thoughts. It really does help your fellow human being too be around someone who feels good about them self and knows how to take care.

Monday, November 03, 2008

If it is Not About Love It Is Not Real

Science has proven that there are things happening with the magnetic force of the earth, the poles are shifting the planet is changing. Some scientist have even been reading and deciphering the ancient tablets and have read about a planet that has a 3 thousand some odd years revolution that collides with our solar system.

Will you be one of the ones who closes them self off to this possibility? There is nothing anyone can do about it. I will continue living my life till the end I am sure. I know many will say I am crazy at least. I hope it doesn't happen but if it does I want to make sure I am living an outstanding life right now. I want to reach out to my fellow human beings, friends and family and hold them dear and I want to share the Good News that Jesus came that we might have salvation. This is very good news with the troubling times we may be facing.

I have been reading about all of this for some time and have known about the polar shifts for over 30 years. All the talk about global warming, politics, war, gay marriage, abortion,economic collapse, and ect is just a distraction to keep us thinking all this stuff means something.

I want to say to you all is look to your humanity and your faith in God. Your connection to your fellow human beings is what's important. Love your families and your neighbors and know what your own personal BS is so you can get over it. People with rigid minds will perish the fastest...

Sunday, November 02, 2008