Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I don't compare Myself to Others

I find that when I compare myself to others I am often limiting myself. Just because someone else can do things and not be harmed doesn't mean I can. I am an individual one persons tonic could well be my poison.
I find that looking at my health is always the best first thing for me to look at. Everyday I ask myself questions like:

  • Do I feel good when I wake up? yes or no
  • Does anything hurt? yes or no
  • Where does it hurt?
  • Why does it hurt?
  • What am I going to do about it?

At night when I go to bed I say my prayers and then I ask myself anyone of these questions
  • Am I seeking the Lord?
  • Am I holding a grudge?
  • Am I being my best?
I eat a simple diet drink lots of water get up off my ass and do some work. This little routine seems to work for me.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sexual Liberty

To me my sexuality is my very essence my personal core energy. It is not something I use for random encounter bump and grind type things.To me this personal energy is very special; something that I use to work me, to say what I want to say and, to do what I want for me. I can reach out to others using this energy if I want but it doesn't have to be with my body and it doesn't have to be implying a sex encounter. my sexuality makes me smile it feels good inside of me without anybody else touching it or releasing it. When i feel a build up of my sexual energy if i get too ahh ahh horny, to me that means I have a block and my energy is not flowing if it gets stuck in just one part of my body or causes me to obsess in my thought.

Younger folks may have a hormonal factor working in favor of having a sexual encounter in their bodies but, i tell ya learning to contain that energy and use it for your personal growth and health you really can learn to do anything with this energy. This energy is your creative force instead of always going out and having sex because your hormonal reflex is stuck. Use it to do something else Understand that your body is making hormones let these hormones feed your other body parts because it is good for your health. I said it is good for your health. Your body does things with this energy that help your skin stay young looking and give your muscles energy to burn when you abstain. i am sure all great athletes know this. some important subtle often not even understood functions of the body can not be nourished without these hormonal messages circulating though out the body. This is the real energy crisis!!!

And....We do need to try an slow down the population growth. I know many people would be against this idea. I am not proposing abortion cause I don't think it is good but I think that people need to get control of their own bodies and get more work done on this earth(least the government decide to do it for us)and stop using their sexual energy to waste their own life. People are obsessed with sex. The ancient religions made laws about sexuality to protect life. Maybe they knew something that we have forgotten about the human condition. I believe all the power struggles of the whole world among people are about unbalanced use and theft of this energy. I guess it will take us another 2 thousand years to get it...
I guess to some sexual liberty might mean to be able to have sex any time any where with anyone. Here I am suggesting that self discipline is the real sexual liberty.

To be able to control yourself and your thoughts and actions gives you personal power.

One of the reasons the worlds economy is out of balance is because people are easily seduced. Look at how images are used in advertisement. The suggestion that their product will make you more attractive, give you a better status, more time ect... all of it is seduction and steals your energy.

John McCain's reason for choosing Sarah Palin is about seduction; men see a hot babe and no longer pay attention to what is being said and middle American women can say oh I am like her because I have kids like her and I have a pregnant teen aged daughter like her and like her I don't believe in abortion blah blah blah this is seduction and it steals your energy.

You have energy in your own body that is being drained by this kind of thing. We and our children are being subliminally attacked every time we turn on the TV set. The more you think about having sex the more you are fooled and your energy is being taken from you. I hate it when I hear men and women say about men that they cannot control their sexual needs. That is the biggest lie mankind still believes.

When a man spews his sperm for anything other than for participating in the act of conception he is wasting his life in the most literal sense. Your life will be corrupted if you go on believing that you cannot control your thoughts and your body about sex. Children watch their parents behaviors and they continue the dramas we teach them. When and if we can come to terms with our sexuality we will be at peace.
t is
People say they don't believe in God. Look at what we call man's origin. Look at the philosophy and religions we create and follow. Yet we still can't seem to find the real truth. All religions claim they are the truth. I can only believe what I think is true and not know the truth so it seems cause my belief about something does not always mean it is true expect in my own head. I can believe you are good but that does not necessarily make it so. But, if I think you are good and you know this you may be more likely to create ideas in my head that you are good. Even if you are not just realize that the more your thoughts are led and even controlled by another the less real freedom you have. Our thoughts are very powerful; he who controls the thoughts of mankind rules them.

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