Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Concerned About Health???

As the cost of health care increases hardly any notice is going to what causes poor health to begin with.

It is what people take into their bodies that has so much bearing on health. People need good food, fresh air,clean water, and exercise in order to stay healthy.

So many toxic human created chemicals are being put into our food supply with the blessing of the FDA. One in particular that is in so many foods is a chemical known as aspartame. This stuff increases health care cost because it makes so many people sick. Many people are very sensitive to this substance and mark my words it kills.

Health care has become so complicated people don't even know the basics of self care that would help them to avoid high health care plans to begin with.

People live and die even with the most expensive health care. I think if people used their power and simply refused to buy health care insurance of any kind for even one month it would reform the whole system in no time at all. People are afraid and that is the biggest problem we face.