Friday, March 06, 2009

Space Elevator

Space Elevator humm what a concept. I found out NASA holds competitions to inspire a material for use in making an elevator that goes into outer space.

A team at Columbia University has developed a light weight, elastic, super strong carbon ribbon for this purpose of making the elevator that could pull a person to a space station where ships could launch into outer space without being hindered by the earths atmosphere. They are able to make 1 gram of material per day. NASA wants to place an order for 144,000 miles of the stuff. I wonder how much that will cost.

I suppose it is necessary that we reach out into the universe more than we already have. I used to look out in to the night sky and wonder what was out there. The sky was my own private place. I feel a little crowed out now knowing that NASA is going to reach out in this way. I guess I will have to move over.