Monday, August 24, 2009

Health Care

The subject of health care is on everybody's mind lately. I have a hard time understanding all these victims of too much insurance. Why do people not take more care of them selves and depend less on the health care industry?

Why do people believe they need to consult their Drs. for every single thing that ails them? I am reminded of a comedian named Rita Rudner doing a routine of herself calling her doctor to tell him she is thinking about bending at the waist. Why are people so afraid of their bodies. Why are people so mesmerized about insurance and health care plans?

What pray tell did people do before insurance became a necessity? People talk about the 16,000 people a year who die because they lack health care insurance, yet are silent about the 350,000(and that is a conservative estimate) people a year who die because they do have health insurance and are wrongly medicated or mistreated or even mis-diagnosed! It is really crazy! I can't understand how anyone else can stand it either.

I have found some solace though because of someone I discovered on the internet. His name is Dr. Mercola. He has the #1 alternative medical newsletter on the internet and has a passion to transform the traditional medical paradigm in the USA. You can read more about his qualifications here

Like me Dr. Mercola believes that people can be taught how to take good care of their health. I encourage you to join him in learning more about your good health
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Children or Money what's more valuable?

Every since I became aware of money I have been unable to determine why it is so valued.

The things that people value seem so unimportant. Why is life not valued like gold and silver and even pieces of paper? These things are not even alive.

The people who control the value of money certainly do not care about anyone's life other than their own.

I think humans are totally upside down in their beliefs and in what they value. The stock market report is more important to some than the fact that people are being killed in parts of the world with bombs. Why do we ignore this?

We are so conditioned to be in awe of money and barely even acknowledge the miracle of life. We send our most precious commodity(our children ) to do the bidding of who? The government? And for what? Freedom? The end result being that our children get killed and other peoples children get killed and we feel pride about this?(pride is one of the 7 deadly sins.)

While our elected big shots on both sides make deals behind the scenes that they tell us it is for freedom and so many actually believe this nonsense.

Are the lives of your children worth more than the worthless pieces of paper that we call money? I wonder if there will ever be a mother's uprising?