Thursday, April 23, 2009

Prayer Power

I am not a religious person. To me someone can be very religious and not have an iota of faith. I choose to follow Jesus. When I was a child the choice just seemed to be pure logic. How could anyone hear of Jesus and not want to follow Him was my childlike thought. Over the years I have found that the most exciting act I have ever undertaken was to seek Him and let Him into my heart..

What is left of us once our body falls way in what we call death? I think our spirit is what is left. What is this spirit? I think that how we have lived our life imprints on our spirit and after our body falls away our spirit will be drawn like steel to a magnet to the place to which we are charged.

In my experience people who pray seem to have the most peace and also get the most done.

Do you pray? Do you feel that there is a God?

My son once asked me, "mom where is God" I said, "go look in the mirror and you will see some of God's work and then go outside and look at the sky and everything else and be amazed cause you will have then seen all of God that your eye can hold."

I taught him the Lord's Prayer. He asked if he should say it when he felt like he was in danger. I said why not say it then and also say it everyday at your own special time of day.

White Death or Sugar Kills

I was out shopping once and ran across one of those booths with tables set up to raise money to find a cure for diabetes. While this must be an honorable chore I think the cure for diabetes is is as plain as the nose on your face. They had a comment card that they give to the ones who donated. I donated so I could make a comment and wrote:

the cause of diabetes: is is imbalance and over use of sugar, salt and fats and the cure: is to stop.

Refined Sugar puts so much stress on the body because it has to turn everything into sugar and there is nothing in it that the body can use. I wonder if anyone knows that rats will not eat sugar. It is because they know it is of no use. Why don't we as a group know this? Because we are being mislead. You have to know this is the major cause of most diseases not just diabetes

It is in the diet. It is in our mouths. It is in our minds. The problem is it is we are ingrained, we are hypnotized, and seduced into believing we want all this pure junk food and pharmaceuticals that are advertised on the media. Children's TV is the worst offender of them all. This is where the rubber truly hits the road of probably a good 90% of disease in America. This junk food ought to be illegal and you should never allow your precious children have it.

Consumers really need to wake up and smell the chemicals in their fru fru artificially flavored and artificially sweetened capachino ....

I just about go out of my mind when I see how much of this stuff people are eating.

No good rant about human nutrition would be complete with out the mention of artificial sweeteners. Which by the way aspartame and all it derivatives turns into wood alcohol in the system which the liver has to try and process this stuff and it is very very dangerous. The damage that artificial sweeteners do to the human body especially growing children is truly ignored and untold. Who is in charge of this? Is it the FDA, The Advertisers or the People?

It is the people who can change this by refusing to purchase this so called food. The people need to take responsibility for their health and stop trusting huge corporations making money off our poor health and choices. I am not against people making money I am just against uncalled for deaths That's right folks hit'em where it hurts... in the wallet. Especially in these hard economical times we owe to ourselves to do everything we can to keep our health and we need to stop wasting ourselves.

Some folks say eating high quality foods is too expensive. I say you cannot afford not to eat higher quality foods. The money you will save on your health will well pay for the higher cost if there is one; In some cases this is not true: many whole foods are very economical.

The answer my friends is that the body needs whole living food. The more ingredients on a package the more you should not buy it. If sugar is the first or second ingredient on the package don't buy it at all. If there is an ingredient that you cannot pronounce or know what it is you ought not buy it until you know what it is. When you read how many grams of sugar are in a product remember a gram of sugar is = to one teaspoon. Measure out what ten teaspoons of sugar looks like before you consume a soda or some other product that has this amount and more and see for your self just how much it is.

If you are reading this because you are over weight or have diabetes or love someone with these conditions. take heed and start reading your labels and learn how to take good care of your self in this way. Refuse to let big companies get away with this form of murder. Don't buy the stuff. Please! It would change practically over night if people would use their buying power.