Monday, November 03, 2008

If it is Not About Love It Is Not Real

Science has proven that there are things happening with the magnetic force of the earth, the poles are shifting the planet is changing. Some scientist have even been reading and deciphering the ancient tablets and have read about a planet that has a 3 thousand some odd years revolution that collides with our solar system.

Will you be one of the ones who closes them self off to this possibility? There is nothing anyone can do about it. I will continue living my life till the end I am sure. I know many will say I am crazy at least. I hope it doesn't happen but if it does I want to make sure I am living an outstanding life right now. I want to reach out to my fellow human beings, friends and family and hold them dear and I want to share the Good News that Jesus came that we might have salvation. This is very good news with the troubling times we may be facing.

I have been reading about all of this for some time and have known about the polar shifts for over 30 years. All the talk about global warming, politics, war, gay marriage, abortion,economic collapse, and ect is just a distraction to keep us thinking all this stuff means something.

I want to say to you all is look to your humanity and your faith in God. Your connection to your fellow human beings is what's important. Love your families and your neighbors and know what your own personal BS is so you can get over it. People with rigid minds will perish the fastest...

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