Saturday, November 08, 2008

Simple Self Care

We all are concerned about our changing times. There is change going on that makes us feel stressed. A massage would be great to help ease the stress of it all. What if a good massage is not in your budget? Is there something you can do anyway that will help ease the stress?

How about learning what you can do for yourself.

I always tell people living with me if you are looking for a cooking ingredient and can't find it in the kitchen look in the bath room. I mix all kinds of formulas for my skin in my bathroom.

Two ingredients that I cannot do with out are olive oil and apple cider vinegar .

I both eat them and use them on my skin. A theory I have about my skin is that if I can't safely eat it it should not be on my skin.

I add about half a cup apple cider to my bath or use a non breakable cup to mix water with half cup of ACV to splash on my face and body while showering and then put olive oil on my skin before drying off. It makes my skin feel so good. ACV helps to restore the skin's acid balance.

I also like taking milk baths. I pour a cup of milk in my bath water. I have also used heavy cream and have found it is very good. Both will soften the skin.

I also like to mix sea salt and olive oil in a non breakable cup and use it it scrub away dry skin while showering. You want to make sure that you have non slip grips in your tub and shower stall before using olive oil or any oil to bate with because it is so slippery.

Just giving yourself a little bath vacation will do so much to relieve stress. When we do things like this for ourselves it affirms our self worth we need to have self worth in times such as these because it will help us to carry on and face the times ahead.

The better you feel about yourself the more you can reflect your spirit to others. Be kind to yourself think good thoughts. It really does help your fellow human being too be around someone who feels good about them self and knows how to take care.

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