Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Learning Disabilities Aren't Fun Sometimes

People with learning disabilities(LD) have a hard time with organizing things and for most people with LD it was difficult learning how to read and write, some of them had a hard time fitting in in school and some even after adulthood.

It kinda hurts that sometimes that stuff I write gets rejected. That's okay though cause it just makes me try harder. I know that people want what they want. People with learning disabilities are not stupid and I think they are really the smarter ones. I have many friends and family who are LD all of them are good people many of them have the most wonderful gifts and talents!

It seems kinda odd to me that a dyslexic would even want to write given that it is one of dyslexics most difficult tasks.

I have found a group for Learning Disabilities. It is kinda nice knowing you can talk about how being LD affect our lives.

This group has just been started. There are not a lot of members yet but we think that there are a lot of people with learning disabilities out there that would like to feel like they are a part of a group. Please come share your challenges, gifts and talents.

Here is another article and some more links about being dyslexic

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