Tuesday, August 19, 2008

When is the world going to grow up?

It is so obvious that human beings as a race are still in diapers. We still send our children to fight in wars and kill other peoples children. What is wrong with this picture? Our children are not cartoon action figures. Why can't we just get along with each other and learn and grow? For more than 2000 years we have been fighting. What are we fighting about does anybody know? Are the reasons even valid?

Oh yea we have some scientific progress and we are even using that to kill. We are really good at making bomb and bio-weaponry. Even the drugs for healing that are being developed in laboratories have deadly side effects which people just go ahead and take and die. People please read the list of side effects before you take medication and demand that science do better. Who in their right mind would take a drug for Arthritis that has lymphoma as a potential side effect? Apparently millions with submit to this kind of treatment because drugs like these with the potential to kill are prescribed everyday by millions of people.

Why aren't we focused on developing pollution free transportation and making our food healthy? I guess the powers that be are too busy making money and sucking the life out of the people of the world for anyone to take any real notice.

Large groups of people are beginning to wake up though. It is the people who have the real power. It is really simple if you think about it. What if they gave a war and nobody showed? Are you so unable to control yourself that you need government to tell you how to live and be at the beckon call to send your children into a war. Mothers and fathers need to wake up and see what you are doing and how the family unit teaches it's young to go to war.

In this country the so called Christian right is more concerned about gay marriage than it is the failing economy and the war in the middle east and some I suppose even believe it is a Holy righteous war. The war is about oil make no mistake about that my sisters and brothers. God gave you a brain, I encourage you to use it. Are you going to let some politician seduce you with rhetoric about gay marriage and abortion? If you do not want to marry someone of the same sex than don't and for gosh sakes if you do not want to have an abortion don't have one. Don't believe a government really give a fig about life and death matters when they are allow medicine to be dispensed that kills people and are sending our kids to war, can or will do anything about abortion gay marriage doesn't directly kill anyone so I guess they will prevent it from happening. Does anyone see the irony?

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