Sunday, August 24, 2008

What do you teach your child about their sexuality?

Are you afraid or embarrassed to talk to your child about their sexuality? Are you a parent that gives your teenager condoms in case they have sex? Is it o-kay for your child to have sex as long as they use protection? Do you call that sex education? Many people seem to think that sex education is about preventing teen pregnancy and preventing disease. Which of course it is about that but, is that all you want your child to know about their sexuality?

Sexuality is about so much more than having sex. Our sexuality is our life force and personal energy it is with us from cradle to grave and it is about so much more than the sexual act. Our sexuality is love energy, precious, God flowing thru us and the reality of who we are. It is our spirit and, life itself. Touch stimulates this energy which is why a child will die without touch.

The bible teaches chastity not to produce guilt but, to prevent it not to hurt but to heal. The sex act is primarily about reproduction. Humans have turned it into something else. We use sex for something to obsess about, a way of saying hello, goodbye, I hate you, I love you, I feel good, I feel afraid. Others may use it as a way of seeking some other sort of validation. Many people think they can't live without having sex. Ha! What a lie.

How many diseases are present in the human race because of wrongly using the energy of sexuality? Probably much more than just venereal disease is caused by not knowing or having a good understanding of this energy. This energy can heal when it is allowed to flow.

Many people might think I am a very hung up person when it comes to my sexuality. No I am not. I have made mistakes and have not been aware and have been misinformed about my sexuality. When I was young I instinctively knew that there is something very special about sex because so many people of both sexes and all races attempted to engage me in the act of sex. My mother and father didn't have a clue and were too embarrassed or uninformed to teach me. They knew lots of people wanted to have sex with me and tried to make me feel guilty. I truly hope that other parents will get a clue. Understand how children learn from example. Do you have issues? Well guess what you will pass them on to your children because they are watching what you do.

Is your sexual energy flowing well enough to not be a thief of your child's sexual energy?

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