Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Do They Have Golf In Prison?

I am really worried about poor OJ. What will he do in prison? What will happen to his golf swing? How is he gonna catch the killers now? Maybe he thought the people in the hotel in Vegas were the killers. Maybe he thought that's why he needed a gun. Well, needed someone with a gun.

The judge was prejudiced. He said he was after his football memorabilia. He should have said he was after the killers yea, ya know they stole his stuff and then killed Nicole and Ron. Maybe that's what it was all about ya know? He needs to get Johnny Cochran on the case oh yea he's dead. Maybe the killers got him. We know one thing about the killers is that they play a lot of golf. Why else would OJ spend so much time on the golf course? Maybe if they did have more golf in prison we could catch more criminals.

James Alexander

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