Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ron Paul Can He Win?

I really like Ron Paul. He seems to me to be the most stable believable candidate for any political office I have ever been aware of. I will vote for him. I hate to sound like a defeatist but, can he win?

Can the people of America hear what Ron Paul is talking about? Are they just going to be seduced by the media into believing he is unelectable? I hope not. It seems like Americans are tired of Bush and his policies but, are still all too willing to not see that some of these policies that he has in place will give whoever is the next president of the USA the same power to do as they damn well please.

I walked around in shock after the past 2 elections for months unable to believe that Americans would not stand up and demand that the votes be fairly counted in Florida in 2000 and also that he won again in 2004.

I see that the price of everything that I need in order to live has almost doubled since Bush has been in office yet my income has gone down. This is scary to me since I am getting older and like or, not, fair or, not my options are not the same as they were when I was younger. All the while the war machine keeps getting bigger and more and more lives are sacrificed.

Will the next elected official be able to tell me how to worship, what to eat,and when I can breathe? This may seem like a radical idea but if I can't afford to eat, or drive my car to work and worship services; where will I go and what will I have to submit to so I can get my basic needs met? What about the millions of low income individuals who won't be able to their and their families needs met? It seems to me that is happening right now.

It seems that some people are trying hard to dig up some dirt on Ron Paul. I don't believe he is a racist. I do believe that is the only issue that people who oppose him can try to shape. People for Ron Paul are different and a minority. My own thinking has never been too close to mainstream.

We seem to be a highly vocal group but will it make any difference in this election?

Ron Paul may God be with you.

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